Professional Trumpet Repair and Cleaning

Our repair technicians are highly trained artisans. We look at all aspects of an instrument and assess its operational qualities to ensure, upon its completion, that the instrument is in the absolute best condition possible. Our artisans pay attention to details such as piston finishing and tightness, stroke height and piston alignment, solder issues, smooth slide operation, tuning, and well refined dent removal techniques.

Many shops tend to overlook certain parts of the repair process. They consider some operations that we perform on a routine basis redundant. NO PART of the repair of your instrument should simply be overlooked. We thoroughly examine the trumpet or cornet and assess completely anything that might need to be done to put it into top-notch condition. We call with a complete estimate BEFORE we do any work so that you are not confused about what we are doing! When we are done with the repair your instrument is carefully prepared for shipping so that nothing changes during shipment. The instrument is then packed securely and returned to you in a timely manner.

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Trumpet Repair Pricing Guide

What you should know before shipping your instrument.

Repair Type

Repair ID



Trumpet Repair
Instrument is checked over and put into good playing condition. This process includes whatever is needed without cleaning.
Chemically Clean Trumpet

Instrument is disassembled and corks and felts are removed. Instrument is flushed, cleaned, and brushed out. Damaged or bent slides are repaired for proper mechanical operation. Corks and felts are replaced and instrument is reassembled.


Repair Type

Repair ID

Specialty Repairs



Trumpet Valve Repair
Piston is removed and problems are assessed. Valve work is completed depending on several factors. Cost is dependent upon the problems which exist.
Trumpet Corks and Felts
All corks and felts are replaced and pistons are aligned.
Trumpet Solder Work
Solder work is done and spots are cleaned and touched-up to prevent future wear.
$20.00 per spot
Custom Trumpet Work
Sometimes it is necessary to make alterations to instruments due to special needs. These needs will be assesed and extensions will be added where needed. We will fabricate parts if they are needed to make it possible for someone to play who might not be able to otherwise. Let us know what your needs are and we can pretty much guarantee a solution for you to be able to play.
Furnished upon assessment of instrument

Trumpet Repair Questions

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