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The All New Element Baton™

The Element Director Baton™ The Element Baton™- is a new design by Old World Baton™. The grooved handle allows air to vent beneath the fingertips keeping the hands cooler and giving a better grip surface. The grooves in the handle give the baton a unique feel and responsiveness. This design uses denser grades of wood to make up for the weight of the instrument. Old World Baton™ is constantly developing ways to make the conducting experience easier. The Baton can range from 12" to 14" in overall length. The handle is 2.5" long and 5/8" diameter at its widest point and is finished and buffed to a high luster. The baton shaft is available in natural birch, natural cherry wood, Black composite, fiberglass, and glossy white birch. Be one of the first to try out these intriguing batons!

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You must allow scripts on this page to choose from the menus. It is a simple script to choose baton options only. To send check or money order add $9.00 to the costs below for shipping and handling within the US. Send check or money order to: Old World Music and Gifts, 2668 CR 413, Tyler, Tx, 75704. Make sure to include all order info on a piece of paper including handle wood type, shape, and shaft length etc... Allow 2-4 weeks for processing.

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